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2019 Kinetic-One K1-42SL (SUPERLITE) 40mm deep Alloy wheelset (From 1597 grams)​​​​​​​ ​​​
2019 Kinetic-One K1-42SL (SUPERLITE) 40mm deep Alloy wheelset (From 1597 grams)​​​​​​​ ​​​
2019 Kinetic-One K1-42SL (SUPERLITE) 40mm deep Alloy wheelset (From 1597 grams)​​​​​​​ ​​​
2019 Kinetic-One K1-42SL (SUPERLITE) 40mm deep Alloy wheelset (From 1597 grams)​​​​​​​ ​​​
2019 Kinetic-One K1-42SL (SUPERLITE) 40mm deep Alloy wheelset (From 1597 grams)​​​​​​​ ​​​
25 reviews

2019 Kinetic-One K1-42SL (SUPERLITE) 40mm deep Alloy wheelset (From 1597 grams)​​​​​​​ ​​​


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INTENDED USE:  A superlight deep section wheelset. And  we mean superlight for a deep section. As low as 1597 Grams!

Designed for 
Sportives, Bunch races and Triathlons (from Sprint to IRONMAN distance.) This is the 40mm deep 2019 K1-42SL. This is our best selling alloy deep section wheelset! A high-end ALLOY aero wheelset for riders who want all the aero benefit and lightness of carbon - but want to stick with a more robust material.  

Your wheels will be handbuilt to order here in the uk by Andy Morgan, owner and founder of k1 wheels. Turnaround time is 4-7 days!


From 1695 Grams in standard " AERO" setup with Ambrosio sealed hubs and high end PSR 1422 spokes. Aerodynamics can be maximised and weight reduced to 1597 grams approx by upgrading to the SUPERAEROLIGHT version with the lightest Bitex hubs and CXray spokes. The CX-Ray spoke is the most aero spoke available - anywhere!

The use of such wonderful components enables us to produce a true "pro-level" multi-functional aero wheelset, at a reachable price point. Please be aware this is a tough and light wheelset built for UK roads!



Offered With Full 2 Year Warranty Plus A 14 Day "No Quibble Returns Policy" - If You're Not In Love With These Wheels The Moment You Get Them Just Send Them Back For A Refund Any Time Within 14 Days Of Receipt.

This wheel has a very specific place in our range (and in our hearts!). A semi deep section lightweight alloy wheel is the perfect "do-everything-wheelset" for multi-gradient triathlons, time trials and even sportives. Designed to run best with 25mm or 23mm tyres.

Light enough and comfortable enough to get you up those hills in good shape, (with silky smooth bearings to help even more), and aero enough to gift you free-speed on the flats and the downhills. .

We achieved this combination of aero/strength/lightweight - by marrying; the 
wonderful lightweight kinetic-one aero rim; with superlight hubs; and Sapim CX Ray spokes (which have the distinction of being the lightest, strongest and most aero of all aero spokes) :



RIM Aluminium welded Niobium Alloy BLACK -CLINCHER 40mm
HUB Ambrosio, Bitex Rar12/Raf12 6-drive hubs 
BEARINGS Sealed Cartridge throughout – All hub types
SPOKES 20 front / 24 rear - RANGE OF CHOICES!
NIPPLES Alpina Blu power Nyloc Self-locking (the best!)
RIM TAPES Included
(20/24 spokes)
1695 grams AERO build

(weights campag - add 20 grams shim/sram)
Advised Rider weights max 100kg 20/24 spokes
110kg 24/28 spokes
120kg 28/28 spokes


 Shipping Weight / Product Code

Weight: 4kg


Based on 25 reviews
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Dave Lumb - West Yorks
Bought some of these wheels back in June as a present for my wife . Correspondance with Andy was first class . These wheels look fantastic , and they perform beautifully too . She has managed to get PB''s on nearly every ride this summer ( i keep saying it''s the wheels that deserve the credit and not her !!!) . Can''t recommend these wheels , or Kinetic-One enough .
Merv Clark - Brum
Spot on set of wheels. I use them in sprint tri''s right through to century sportives and they really feel like the right wheels for every job. you never feel you''re losing out. Again i guess that''s the aero and lightweight thing! Tough as old boots. i''ve given them a right lamping on our very knackered roads.
Gary - Mallorca
Very pleased. Strong, stiff, fast - all I need. 1000 km under my belt with them now.
Steve Clarke - MK
I can only add to all the good things said about these wheels. Tremendous.
Mike Farrugia - Stroud , Gloucestershire
Only had a couple of short rides on the new wheels, but first impressions are very good. They feel and ride much lighter than my Fulcrums and they are stiff with no flex or brake rub when hammering it out of the saddle up the climbs, where the lightness is really noticed. I have also hit a few pot holes ( hard not to around here) and no problems there so they are tough as well. Looking forward to getting a few decent miles in on them. Overall then .....5 stars , excellent value for money and to top it off Andy is a real good bloke and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Kinetic Two Mike
M Thompson - Bucks
Coming from stock Alexrimms DA22 to these is a massive transformation to a 2009 GT Series Three. Had these wheels just over 6 months now. K1's spin up nice and easy, holding the pace without complaint. Instantly saw average speed jump by 3-4km/h. Rode nicely along national cycling route 23 in the Isle of Wight which is not all tarmac and they stayed true too. They are certainly up to to a daily ride on British roads. Riden with Michelin Pro3s with Schwable light tubes. Tricky to get on/off the wheel following 2 flats but that is down to the tyre. About to try Conti GP4000s with Conti Race 28 Light tubes. Seem to be a lot easier to get on and off. Highly recommend these wheels. Excellent communication and discussion with Andy regarding other wheelsets in similar price brackets. Wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair of these for race only.
Bryan - Singapore
I ordered my ultralights over the web, after considerable helpful advice from the folks at K1. I was NOT disappointed. They arrived beautifully packed, and ready to go. I was taking my first ride within minutes and MAN what an upgrade from the stock Fulcrum 5's that came with my bike. They ride much smoother, but tougher, and seem to hold momentum much more easily. I feel like I picked up 1k/hr from them, but more importantly, my daily ride is more engaging and fun. They are simply a pleasure. I also like the fact that they are "different" from the stock upgrades out there - and they look great. Highly recommended.
Luke - Devon
Truly excellent!!!! I had my doubts when I read the specs on these wheels and then the price, surely to good to be true! As light as any wheelset on the market, but hundreds of pounds less! After quick and sound advice from the Kinetic team I took the plunge....and never regretted it once! The box when it came was so light I thought it was empty! The wheels look fantastic on my Cube bike and fit my wireless bike computer module fine (even with the aero spokes). I improved my average speed by 2 mph on my first ride, even in a strong winter headwind, and the wheels shook off even the harshest of the South Wests potholes, impressive for such a light wheelset! The wheels hold up well in crosswinds, with no great effect on your heading as is the problem with other lighter wheels with bigger rim sizes. Even these strong winter winds do not knock me off my direction of travel! The hubs on both front and back are incredibly smooth, and roll with a great speed! I had to use my own kit to secure the wheels to the frame as those supplied were a little too small but that caused no great problems. I have had a bad puncture which isn't the wheels fault, just a shame I can't use them until it is fixed which is killing me! Overall, great service, superb wheels for road riding, or triathlons. I look forward to Olympic distance triathlons next year using these wheels! I have yet to ride a considerable distance on them but as soon as the puncture is fixed then I will crank up the miles and review separately. If you want lightweight, strong and value for money wheels, get these bad boys!!!!!
Andy Muncie - Watford
Brought these last year but not had them on the bike over winter. Have now done around 300 miles and have to say they are fantastic(which is why they are now on my new bike)for the price and customer service you can't go wrong. 100% reccomend these wheels to anyone.
Dave Maxwell - Lancs
from 5 Stars I originally bought these as they looked like they''d go really well with the grey/black paintwork on my Trek Eqinox (I know thats a pathetic reason but there I''ve admitted it!) I''m not the most powerful rider and am very light. I was immediately surprised how much faster i went using these wheels - I suspect that being light has meant that when i''ve previously used aero wheels that any new aero gains have been cancelled out by the fact that the wheels have added more weight to the bike. These wheels are quite a lot lighter than my existing wheels and have deeper rims - So i''ve concluded that this is responsible for my improvement. I can''t think of any other explanation - by improvement I mean 19 seconds off my PB for 25 miles the first time i used them.
Alasdair McKinley - Edinburgh
Simply fantastic - as I bought a pair of kinetic-one wheels some years ago and they did me proud so that was sufficient recommendation to try another set of their wheels. Glad i did - I think it would cost at least several hundred pounds more to get a wheelset any better than this.
Big Rob - Bishops Stortford
Took a bit of a punt on these - not having had any kit like this since my racing days back in the day. Seriously impressed with these wheels. Had them a few months and they attract lots of attention and they roll like silk. Rob
Andy Gentle - Suffolk
I decided on these a couple of months back after having researched several other wheel brands to upgrade to and decided to go with Kinetic-one on price and value for money. Chatted through what I wanted with Andy who was very helpful and decided on the K1-42SL. Performance wise they are great, giving a noticeable difference straight away, on a regular long ish route of around 50 miles I felt less fatigued and found I put in a quicker time. Rolling resistance is minimal and I found testing the freewheeling next to a couple of mates that I was rolling faster and longer so the aero design really does work. I ordered these in blue for the only reason that my bike is blue and was not overly bothered but must admit they make the bike look pretty stunning and I've had quite a few comments. Finally and importantly the customer service is brilliant. After a few miles one of the spokes was making a noise, phoned them up, wheel was picked up by courier and returned very quickly, a slightly under tensioned spoke being the culprit so full marks for customer service and communication. If you are thinking of buying these wheels I don't think you'll be disappointed!
Dan Reuter - Bristol
The wheels are a significant noticeable improvement, both for the flat-out-all-out-attack of the 10K sprint training, and also for the longer 100K sportive up and down, up and down. The wheels handle like a dream and the do exactly what you'd expect. The hills become easier and the wheels feel like they actually accelerate at about 34Kmh and whisper in your ear "faster, faster, faster"... And the service is exemplary; visiting Andy is a joy and an inspiration to get out there and cycle. His knowledge, advice and assistance is invaluable in making these wheels happen, Always happy to offer sensible and non-biased approach that suits the customer. I heartily recommend Andy, Kinetic, the wheels and the service for anyone who is serious about bikes!
Ade - Swindon
I bought the K1-42SLs for my Boardman and i am really pleased with them , they look fantastic and roll extremely well . I did have on small issue fitting them but i called KINETIC 1 and the problem ( my fault ) was sorted . Indexing and setting limits with them was easy , even for a novice like me .
Mark Harney - Yorkshire
The wheels are excellent and did me proud at the recent World Duathlon Championships. They also look nice on my Felt bike (much better than Ottawa last year). As I’m not at the top end of cycling (just yet!), they are affordable but durable at the same time. My bike times are now getting quicker and one day they hopefully match my run times (which is where my strength is within Duathlon and Triathlon). I’m hoping to go to the World Duathlon Championships in Australia next year, if I can get some sponsorship.
Andrew Henderson - Notts
Have just been out on my best bike for first time since fitting your 42SL wheels (hence delay with feedback). Well i must say that i was immediately impressed with how taut the bike feels, no flex when climbing and i seem more able to push a higher gear, well pleased! Please find picture of Planet X badged Van Nic pro road, Campag Athena groupset and your brilliant stealth graphic wheels. Many thanks Andy, Retford, Notts
Paul Beaumont - Enniskillen
I took the plunge and purchased a pair of K142SL's. Best decision I've made with regards to upgrading my bike. These wheels just keep on running! I've knocked over a minute off a 10 mile TT and have found I'm up with at the front when it comes to the bunch sprint. Even when it comes to climbing they're no slouch. Cheers Andy. Great product.
Neil Phelps - Wokingham
Great deep alloy wheels really well made and they roll superbly well . The customer service is excellent too. I would highly recommend Kinetic-One
David Brown - UK
Susan Brown added another British Triathlon Championship yesterday, winning the Age Group Standard Distance at Leeds, so she now holds the "double". She was racing as usual on her Kinetic One wheels, which as usual were faultless and fast. The picture is the podium from Leeds, please feel free to use if you wish. (see gallery)
phil stephens - devon
Extremely impressed with how true these wheels have been through full winter training..clean trainer every 3rd day of salt/grime..and they still look smart..bombproof ! update bought. thinner set with bitex hubs for sportives this year..and amazed with floating fast tubeless.....thanks andy
Matt - Gloucester
Andy lied to me, I didn't become better looking, more successful or intelligent, however, I did get quicker! On a serious note, lovely wheels (K1 42SL), so much smother and feels faster than my old ones.
John Williams - Yeovil
I had Campag Zondas on my 2015 SuperSix but I wanted to get some deep section wheels to see what difference they made. Most of the carbon wheels these days have an external rim width of 25mm plus. The gap between the chainstays on my bike is not big enough to take those wheels. I also wanted alloy rims and the wheels to be light. I saw these after surfing online and I'm really glad I did. I bought the SuperAeroLight option. The first ride I really noticed how smooth the bearings were - wow - what a difference. Always wondered what a decent pair of wheels felt like. I've really noticed that my legs are fresher after longer rides. Fantastic wheels, sooooo smooth! Great service!
Charles - Derby
Excellent excellent Product and excellent service - though the courier was a day later than I paid for! Though thats not your fault i know. Thanks.
Andy Peet - Oxon
I bought my bike from Andy 10 years ago. 1000s of miles later it is still going strong and I love it. So when my old rims became paper thin, there was only one place I was ever going to go to buy replacement wheels. But these aren't just any old wheels; I've been hitting PB after PB after PB. They hum beautifully and pull me along the flats, they are lighter and quicker up the hills and whistle sweetly in a cross-wind. And they look fantastic too.