K1 Wheel Owners Gallery

The photo's below have been sent in by K1 customers who have bought our wheels - Lovely bikes with lovely wheels! If you have purchased some wheels from us we would love it if you could send a photo of your bike adorned with your new hoops!



Mike Jones Spesh with K1-42's fitted. Sitting pretty in the Nevada desert.

Team K1's Ben Price: Aero testing at Derby Velodrome

Kevin Carr's mercyxk with K133 Superlight Stealth Wheels
Kevin Carr's mercyxk with K133 Superlight Stealth Wheels

Andrew Aly's Boardman with K1-80c wheels
Andrew Aly's Boardman with K1-80c wheels

Guy Hutchinson's spesh wtih K1-33 Superlite Tubeless Disc wheels

Ian Moore's Amazing Kuota with new K1-55c Wheels

Ian Higginsons Lovely DA4 with K180-55c Wheels

sue brown
Congrats to Susan Brown, 2017 Double British Triathlon Champion 
(45-49ag Sprint and Standard distance).
Sue (shown here at the world's, rides a Giant with K1-42SL wheels.)

Paul Floyd's Spesh with K1-42S Duo Stealth
Rich Bakers Dale with our K1-55UC wheels
Rich Bakers Dale with our K1-55UC wheels

Team K1's Ben Price Representing Team GB at the Powerman European Duathlon Champs. Ben (photo'd here with women's winner - the legendary Emma Pooley) Achieved a stunning 15th place. (2nd Brit home!) Ben rode his new K180c front wheel with our prototype 2018 Disc.

Simon Roake's Defy with k133 DUO wheels

Caroline's lovely Cannondale with brand new kinetic-one K1-80-55c carbon wheels
Caroline's lovely Cannondale with brand new kinetic-one K1-80-55c carbon wheels

stephen mcclemont's Bianchi with its K133SL-WIDE wheelset
Stephen McClemont's Bianchi with its K133SL-WIDE wheelset

Chris Floyds Cervelo with K1-80c Wheelset

Chris Floyds Cervelo with K1-80c Wheelset

Sarah Moore's Gorgeous Kuota with its new kinetic-one K1-42Lite wheels.

Peter Ritchies felt
Peter Ritchies Felt with K1-42A Wheels

Mary Morgan's Roo with K155uc-wheels
Mary Morgan's Roo with K155uc-wheels

Andy Woods Ribble With Kinetic-One K1-80c-50c Wheels

Jon Fairways Colnago with K1-42sDUO wheels
Jon Fairways Colnago with K1-42sDUO wheels

Phil Bloomfileds Colnago C40 with K142SL wheels
Phil Bloomfileds Colnago C40 with K142SL wheels

Mrs Hunts Spesh with K133 Duo's - OUR PRIZE DRAW WINNER!

Daniel Blyth's Giant With its K1-42 AERO DISC Wheels
Daniel Blyth's Giant With its K1-45 AERO DISC Wheels

Dale Hunt's Cube with K1-42S Duo wheels fitted
Dale Hunt's Cube with K1-42S Duo wheels fitted

Paul Cotgroves K155UC wheels aboard his Lapierre
Paul Cotgroves K155UC wheels aboard his Lapierre

Paul beaumont's Neil Pryde with K1-42SL Wheels

Colin Foresters lovely Ribble with its new Kinetic-One K1-42sDUO WHEELSET

Daz Challis with his K1-55c wheels - Representing Team UK
at the 2016 Invictus Games and riding to 2 stunning 4th places. 

Pete Lazenby's K-42A Wheels at home in Spain

Paul Tomlinson's Ridley - with K155c/K180c wheels

Carl's Amazing Giant with it's K133 DUO Wheels

Andy Bright's Orbea Disc Bike with its K1-45 AeroDisc Wheels

James Curtis - Cube with K142s DUO wheels

Clint Fultons Mekk with K133 Superlite Graphite wheels.

MiK Luckings K133DUO Wheels on his Boardman

spesh-transition-carbon-with-k1-42s DUO CUSTOM

Peter Coughlan's Fab Giant with its K1-33 Superlites

Sam Burnhopes K1-42 Lite Stealth Wheelset
Sam Burnhopes K1-42 Lite Stealth Wheelset

Darren Putt's Focus with it's K133 Superlite Graphite wheels

David Abram's Boardman Road Disc - with its new K1-33 Superlight Disc Wheels

Nigel soulsby Felt with k1-42s DUO wheels

David Irvine's Giant with it's K142s DUO wheels

James Frost's Orbea with K1-33 DUO wheels

Stephen Harbottle's Trek with its K1-42s DUO wheels

James Wightwicks Fuji with k155c carbon wheels fitted

Mrs Sharpingtons Boardman with its K1-33 RAD Wheels

Saul Chaplin's Trek in the USA

Sarah Williams Ribble with its K133 RAD wheels

David Thornleys Spesh with its K133 DUO Stealth wheels

Des Garrett's Custom Wyndy Milla, with K1-42s DUO wheels

Michael from N.Wales -Bianchi with k142s wheels

dave-vogwells-giant with K133 DUO wheels

Scottie's K1-42Duo's
Scottie's K1-42Duo's

John Hennessy's Viner with K142's

Andy Trotmans Boardman with its K142s Duo Wheels

John Faulkner with his K140 Carbons on his k1 bike

Nick Evans Focus with its K133 Superlites

Kevin Jones PX

simon garrard's pinarello with k142s white wheels

mike jones nevada ribble with k133 DUO wheels

Stuart Goodliffes Raleigh with its Stealth K133 Superlite Graphite's

Paul Mcdowell's Dale with its k142A Wheels

Daves Dale with its K140s wheels

Natasha Dagnall's Boardman with k133 DUO black wheels

Bryan Stones Colnago with K1-33 Superlites fitted

James Worsleys PX

johnny cairns viking

Charles Bruces' Flandria

andy-gentles-spesh with its K1-42SL wheels

warren-drakes-giant-defy with K1-33 DUO's

Lisa Chichester's Windy Milla with its Superlite Graphite's

Forest's Spesh

Glenn Mays Felt with K133 Superlites

Tom Brisbane's K1-42Sl wheels 

jeff-owens-merida with its stealth k133 RADS

mark-jacklins-performer-high-racer wiht K1-42SL fitted

Katy Harbottle's Spesh

Dolan tt bike with K1-42s wheels

John Snape's Spesh

Eugene Farrell's Dale wiith K1-42's


Kinetic-One Custom Argon 18 Platinum with its K1-33's

Matt Cliffords Boardman with its K1-42S wheels

Mark Harneys Felt with its K142SL Custom built wheels

johnny cairns viking

Mike Roxburghs Wilier

paul o'donnells scott with K1-40's


Alessandro Valdrighi's Bianchi with its K1-33's


Ondřej Popela's Forme

Peter Berridges Lapierre with its K1-33's

Phil's Spesh with k1-33's

Kayes Merckx EMX-5 with K1-33's

Colin Forresters Ribble

Chris Morris's TCR with its K1-40S wheels

Andrew Muncies Stevens

Neil Burrows Carrera with its K1-33's

Gary Reeves Tarmac

Pink Roo Custom Build

Terry Cobles Felt with his K144 custom built wheels

Chris Browns Bianchi

Peter Wilkinsons Carrera

Nadia's Custom Built K1 50th Birthday prezzie

R Hewitsons Focus

Neil Beardsmore's K1-40s wheels on his Boardman 

Christine Prices Giant

Francis McBrides Giant Defy

scott cuthberts ProRace

Neil Shepherds Giant

Oliver Worsfolds ribble

Q Roo Custom build

Kevin Olsens Giant

Jamie Hortons Boardman


Rob Hales Cube

Graeme Croll's K1-40s on his PX

michael woodruff's bianchi


Timothy Webbs Orbea

Ant Norris's Scott

Sam Sages Spesh


andy yates willier

Peter Windram's Spesh

Clint's Be-One

Stewart Hingeley's Patriotic Spesh

Stephen Penney's Cervelo

Richard Brammers Project Coppi!

Luke Bowditchs Giant

Matt Price's Mekk

Luke Curbishley's Cube

Mikes Boardman with its K1-40s wheels

Andy D's Bianchi

Simon Ramdehals Boardman

Chris Brewers BMC

Grayson Prices Focus

Chris Heywoods Bianchi Reparto Corsa

Stuart Clowes Spesh

Richard Kirkdales Spesh

Richard Kirkdales Second Spesh

Andrew McLaren's BMC

Larry Lawless' Dolan about to take a dip

Huw Roberts K1-40S wheels on his Bianchi

Stephen Hnatyszyn's boardman

Gary mundy's Felt

Andy Butchers Kinetic-One with Aerolite wheels

Simon Fox's Ribble

Anne Morgans hubbys birthday present

Andy thomsons vitus

Chris Browns BTWIN

Caroline Lances K1's aboard her QRoo


Kev James Kuota and Aerolites

Phil's Spesh


Another boardman

Billy Simpkins Spesh

geraint jones magic giant with its K1 aura

Gary Bucklers K1- FCS 28's

Mark Abbotts Trek

Mike Farrugia's Aerolites on his Boardman

James Wilsons Spesh

Rich's Trek

Paul Frosts Teramo

Ray East's Venge

Gareth Gonthier's Spesh

David Micallef's Fuji

John Bird in Portugal

Alans Trek just back from London to Paris

Richard Lawrence's on his Giant

Andi Forrests Fondriest


Lee Woodford's Doctored K140's wheels
Dominic Shepherds BMC -

Mike Marshalls Fondriest

Mike Ingleheart's Spesh

Alan Smith's Pin Prince

Mark Hammonds Look

Mark Holts Dale

Will Dickson's Spesh

Mike Mccartan's Planet X

Mike Jones in Action

andrew eastwood's pinarello with its K1-33's!

Ian Holmes' Giant

Ashley Sutton's Look

Mike Challis' Bianchi (customers own Bianchi decals added)

chris nash's bianchi

Geoff Backshall's Ribble

Peter Wilkinson's Carrera

Alex Parfitt - Aged 12 and flying!

Dave Allen's Boardman

Kevin's Spesh

Ken Bruce's Look

Mark A's Trek

Andy Thomson's CButler

Robert Niechoj's Giant

Martin Kennedy's Cube

Nicholas Selin's Scott Cr1

Jason Croft's Viking

Chris parker Racing

David Barnes' Dogma

Carl Wilsons Giant

PEx Pinarello Prince TT

pustanie sarkanov on his apollo

Pex Giant TCR

Stu Viveash in Dubai

Tom Saunders on his Cube

PEx Giant TCR aero

Mike Davis' Spesh

Adam Druett and his Kinetic-One Posing For Newspaper article!!

andrew eastwood's pinarello!